•About Us•

We're still pretty new, launching in October 2012, but already we've won an award (fancy!), been to a bunch of festivals, and we're turning up in more and more great food and drink places around Victoria.
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Who makes it?

Hailing from the South East of Melbourne, Golden Axe apple cider is created by a small group of self-proclaimed beverage geeks. The team is focused on sourcing quality ingredients, and also experimenting with the smaller details that make all the difference in the taste of the final product. Of course they also conduct vigorous quality testing of their cider.

Why does it taste so good?

Thanks for asking that! The team decided that only fresh apple juice and yeast were to be used - no concentrates or added sugar needed. Of course it also had to be vegan friendly in the best interests of our avian and sea faunal friends. Only the best tasting juice would suffice, and amazingly this juice was being made locally by a good friend. In fact the juice was so delicious it was decided that only the cleanest of fermentations (with as few yeast derived flavour and aroma by-products as possible) would be accepted and oxidation was to be steered well clear of. This regimen would help accentuate the original product, leaving a clear, refined, crisp tasting, and what we think you will describe as "appley" cider.


- Fed Square Microbreweries Showcase - People's Choice Best Cider October 2012Fed Square Microbreweries award

Festivals & Events

2013 January - Ballarat Beer Festival
2012 November - Taste Festival Melbourne
2012 November - Beers by the Bay
2012 October - Fed Square Microbreweries Showcase